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1. Studio Resources

1.1. Studio PCs

Studio PCs are Windows PCs on the SIDNET Windows Domain spread throughout the 3 student Studios
(To see what other machines are on the SIDNET domain, check this list of machines SID PC List)

1.2. Printing

  • Known Printing Problems
    There are some outstanding issues with the printers

    • Prints Black and White when it should be in colour
    • Prints first page only when it should have printed entire multi-page document

    See this page for details

  • All students that have paid the CIDSA/ComputerFee automatically get $15 in PrintCredits, so make sure you use them!
    (if you are a full-time student, then you have paid this)

1.3. Other Equipment

2. General Resources

2.1. Wireless

The SID Wireless Network is a wireless network operated by CCS that is for SID students, faculty and staff only

2.2. Accessing the SID Network Off Campus

2.3. Software

2.3.1. Free Software

As a SID student paying CIDSA/Computer Fee, you are entitled to some free software FreeSIDSoftware

2.3.2. Other Design Software

For a list other commonly used design software, where to get it and how much it costs, check out the DesignSoftware page.

2.4. Equipment Loans

SID students can also borrow SID computer equipment. The ComputerTechnician can loan a variety of equipment for a small deposit (on your CampusCard). See this list of equipment that can be borrowed.

2.5. Notifications

See the Notifications page for information on any upcoming or past service notifications (such as shutdowns, changes, etc)

3. CIDSA Computer Fee

Full-time undergrad SID students automatically pay a ComputerFee granting them access to SID Computer Resources.
Part-time undergrad students and graduate students can also pay this fee, though you must pay it directly to SID through the ComputerTechnician.

4. Computer Technical Support and Studio Computer Reps

If you need help, you should (in the following order):

  1. Look through this support site
  2. Check the message when you press CTRL-ALT-DEL to login to a Studio PC, it has important info
  3. Check the desktop background image when you login to a Studio PC, it also has important info
  4. See your particular Studio Computer Rep, who are members of the ComputerTechCommittee. They will try to help you or point you in the right direction. If you require more help that that, then you can contact the ComputerTechnician

    • First Year Rep - Paul Williamson & Dustin Lee

    • Second Year Rep - Greg Kore & Sandeep Mathew

    • Third Year Rep - Chad Veenkamp & Nathaniel Hudson

    • Fourth Year Rep - Rob Sawatsky

    • MDes Rep - Anthony Dewar

  5. CCS (Computing and Communications Services) provides technical support to all Carleton students. Check our their Student Page

  6. If you require more help than that, then you can contact the ComputerTechnician

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